Tire Rotation VS. Wheel Alignment: What’s the Difference?


Tire Rotation VS. Wheel Alignment: What’s the Difference?

Tire rotation and wheel alignment are two separate vehicle repair methods that present distinct purposes:

  1. Tire Rotation:

Tire Rotation involves changing the position of the vehicle’s tires. The objective of tire rotation is to improve even wear on all four tires. In general, front tires wear differently as compared to rear tires due to differences in weight distribution, steering forces, and braking. By rotating the tires at routine intervals, you can help ensure that the wear is distributed equally across all tires, which can increase the tire’s lifespan and improve overall performance. Mostly, tire rotation involves moving the front tires backward and the rear tires forward, although other patterns may be used depending on the unique vehicle and tire kind.

  1. Wheel Alignment

If your car keeps moving to one side whenever you are driving in a straight line, then your vehicle may require a wheel alignment service to fix the problem. The process of aligning the front tires of your vehicle to ensure that they are perfectly aligned with the rear tires and steering is called wheel alignment. When your vehicle hits a big pothole while driving, it can result in wheel alignment problems. If the wheel alignment issue can’t be fixed, then a misaligned wheel can cause uneven tires and tire movement and also can affect your vehicle’s performance and ability to drive properly.

Wheel alignment should be done as soon as possible after the problem is detected.

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