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Car Valeting, Detailing and Car Wash Service

Car Valeting, Detailing and Car Wash Service

Our Car Valeting, Car Detailing, Car Polishing, and Car Wash Services will give a new look and life to your car. Our garage offers a selection of interior and exterior detailing services to ensure your vehicle is looking its best.

Our car detailing services include:

Exterior Detailing:

•          Cleaning windows from inside and outside

•          Clean door and trunk jams, including tire well areas

•          Deep cleaning of engine

•          Clean wheels and tires, apply tire shine

•          Flex machine polish

•          Wax for glossy shine

•          Headlight restoration and polishing

•          Cleaning and polishing of grills and metal parts

•          Full Car Polish for restoration of the paint

Interior Detailing:

•          Complete internal vacuuming (deep cleaning of the whole interior cabin)

•          Cleaning and polishing of dashboard and door panel

•          Complete cleaning of seats, carpets, mats, doors, etc.

•          Cleaning all surfaces using compressed air, fine brushes, and specially formulated cleaners.

•          Water extraction with the latest technology machine to dry out the car soon

•          Steam wash inside the car

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