Which Oil Change is Better: Synthetic Oil or Conventional Oil


Which Oil Change is Better: Synthetic Oil or Conventional Oil

Whether you are an experienced owner or a new car driver, the notable oil change debate continues and it can be tough to find out why one kind of engine oil is superior to another.

There is undeniable evidence that you need to know about synthetic oil versus conventional oil and this article will help you break them down.

  1. Conventional Oil:

Conventional oil is a refined crude oil-based product formulated from viscosity grades and quality levels of different ranges and is designed to lubricate engines, products, and machines. The main advantage of Conventional oil is that it is cheaper as compared to synthetic oil. Conventional oil is better for older engines as compared to synthetic oil. The main drawback of this oil is that it affects the vehicle’s longevity, maintenance, and operations. Conventional oils are highly sensitive to wear and chemical degradation under harsh conditions such as low temperatures. These thicker fluids reduce proper circulation and can clog small parts of machinery.

  1. Synthetic Oil:

There are two kinds of synthetic oil: synthetic blend oil and full synthetic oil.

Full Synthetic oil is a lubricant made up of chemical compounds that have undergone a    chemically engineered process. Synthetic oil is the perfect engine filler for new vehicles or those that do not have high mileage.

The merger of conventional and synthetic oil produces synthetic blend oil. It works like conventional oil, but the addition of synthetic materials provides better protection to your vehicle’s engine. The main benefits of synthetic oil are given below:

  1.        Better flow at cold temperatures
  2.        Longer oil change intervals
  3.        Resistant to oxidation and chemical degradation

The main disadvantage of synthetic oil is given below:

  1.       Expensive as compared to conventional oil

      Synthetic oil is better than conventional oil because it offers great overall engine performance and protection.

When you choose engine oil, there are certain factors like; driving condition, viscosity grade, and car manufacturer and series.

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