How often you should change your engine oil?


Car engine oil change intervals for all types of vehicles rely on the age of the vehicle, the kinds of oil, and driving conditions. That is why oil change intervals are not the same for all cars. It is considered a benchmark that you should change the oil every 5000 kilometers, but advanced lubricants have changed that. At present days most auto manufacturers have suggested oil change intervals of 10,000 kilometers to 15,000 kilometers.

There are three main intervals for an oil change:

1.         Every 5000 kilometers or every six months

If you drive your vehicle occasionally - as in far below your suggested service interval mileage you should change your car oil twice a year or every 5,000 kilometers because oil decreases over time.

2.         Every 10,000 kilometers

The 7,500 to 10,000 kilometers engine oil change intervals are becoming increasingly common, although some automakers recommend you also take your driving style and habits into account. For example, if your vehicle is new and you typically drive 20 minutes or more at a steady speed, you are a prime candidate for extending the time between engine oil changes.

3.         Every 10,000 kilometers to 15,000 kilometers

If your automaker recommends synthetic oil, or if you decide to change it, you can go 10,000 kilometers or more between oil changes. Although synthetic oil is expensive compared to regular oil, it has many advantages. Synthetic oil performs better as compared to regular oil and is better for the environment.

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