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    Car Tyre Repair & Tyre Replacement Service


    Well-maintained and reliable tyres are an important part of keeping your car safe—it is no help if you have fantastic brakes but tyres without any threads or grip. At HGP Auto Repair, we make sure that your car tires are in a good condition and make recommendations when it is time to do a tire replacement.

    You shall do car wheel alignment regularly, as it keeps the Tyres in good shape. If wheels are not aligned and balanced, they will be damaged, and you might need to replace your car tyre even before their useful life. The average good quality all-season tire lifespan is almost 4 to 5 years, depending on maintenance, driving style, road conditions, etc. Speaking of local regulations, in UAE mandatory car tyre replacement period is every five years. So, make sure you do tyre change on time before visiting a vehicle registration center.

    Our garage offers mobile doorstep services for your car tire repair and replacement issues within Dubai. We provide the following services:

    •          Vehicle tyre puncture repair or flat tyre repair

    •          Tyre fixing

    •          Tyre replacement

    •          Mobile tyre repair

    •          Roadside assistance

    •          Breakdown assistance

    •          Wheel alignment

    •          Wheel Balancing

    Feel free to call HPG Auto Repair at +971 52 977 3887 for all types of car repair and maintenance, to go back to the home page click here


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