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    Car AC Service & Air Conditioning Repair


    Your Car's A/C system has many components, including the compressor (helps move the refrigerant through the system), the evaporator (pumps freon and helps remove heat and moisture from the outside air), the condenser (cools freon before returning to the compressor), and many other hoses and parts that work together to help regulate temperature. Similarly, the heating system is composed of the heater core, heater control valve, and heater hoses. With the many hoses containing pressure and the complexity of the system, it is important to bring your vehicle to a specialist ac mechanic who knows how to safely repair the cooling and heating system. At HPG Auto Repair, our team of AC Mechanics has the expertise to do any work related to your Car Air Conditioning System.

    We are offering Car AC Service.

    This AC servicing includes:

    - Ac standard test

    - AC fault test

    - AC pressure test

    - Cleaning of the entire system

    - Checking for leakages

    - AC gas re-fill from 

    - Ac compressor performance test


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